World Heritage

The World Heritage area of the Geirangerfjord

In 2005, the area in and around the Geirangerfjord was added to the UNESCO
World Heritage List. What most people do not know is that the area goes much
further than just Geiranger and out the Geirangerfjord.

6 settlements have parts of the world heritage within their borders.
 The settlements are Geiranger, Hellesylt, Eidsdal, Norddal, Fjørå and

Within the boundaries of the World Heritage we have 3 world heritage fjords
and all 3 are incredibly spectacular fjords.
The fjords are Geirangerfjorden, Synnylvsfjorden and Tafjorden.
 Geirangerfjorden and Synnylvsfjorden are slightly known fjords but
Tafjorden is the unknown world heritage fjord we have to offer when you take
the trip to our area

 In the future, from autumn and via winter to spring, we will offer a speed
boat trip from Geiranger – Tafjord so you can see these 3 spectacular

When everything is told , the villages around the world heritage are also
very beautiful and really been a visit.

This area of ours here is clearly “The World’s Finest Travel Destination”
just see the map below and learn more about our World Heritage Site.
 It`s because of this beauty that Unsco has protected this area and calls it
a World Heritage Site. Choose a village to live in and we will drive you and
your family around and show you this absolutely incredible area of ours.
This in a luxury car with an English guide in the form of our driver.

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