Our tours

World Heritage Tour to Geiranger

Geiranger has been on the world heritage list since 2005. Tour from Ålesund to Geiranger and return. The tour starts in Ålesund and we drive along the Storfjord to the ferry between Linge and Eidsdal. Then it continues to the beautifull vewpoint in Kilsti in Eidsdal. There is also a stop by the Eidsdal lake,then one at the Eagle road bend take a look at the picture on this page

The Tafjord tour

This is one of our most spectacular tours. From the coast into the deepest of a fjord. The Tafjord is a world Heritage fjord, almoust as specacular as the Geiranger fjord. We are driving from Ålesund to Tafjord and back.

The Trollstigen tour

This tour starts in Ålesund, and we drive along the main road to Åndalsnes. In Åndalsnes we take a look at the spectaculare Trollveggen, or the Troll Wall. Then we drive up the stupendous Trollstigen road. Just look at the picture. We stops several times on the way. Then we drive from Trollstigen and down to Valldal. And return along the north side of the fjord to Ålesund.

The Fjord tour

From Ålesund and to Hjørundfjorden, to see this spectaculare fjord. We start in Ålesund with a fjord crossing to Festøy. From Festøy to Standal, Standalseide and so to Ørsta. From Ørsta with another fjordcrossing back to Ålesund.

Alesund, Norway. Aerial view of Alesund, Norway at sunrise. Colorful sky over famous tourisitc destination with sunlight and mountains

The Coastal tour

From Ålesund to the Sunnmøre museum, then up to Fjellstova to look the vew. Just look at the picture. Its from Fjellstova .Then out to Alnes Lighthouse with a wide view of the ocean. This is a spectacular tour along the coast.

The round fjord tour

Here we take a look at the spectacularly beautiful Hjørundfjorden. We start in Ålesund and drive to the ferry over to Festøy, then drive trough Ørsta and to Sæbø. Ferry over the Hjørundfjord to Leknes. And then we drive to the hotel Union Øye. Look at the picture, this is an old, traditional hotel. Then thrugh the dramatic Nordangsdal. to Hellesylt. Continiue through Stranda and Sykkylven. Before taking the ferry to Magerholmen and back to Ålesund.

The Stordal / Dyrkorn tour

This is a new idea to drive from Ålesund along the Storfjord, first to Dyrkorn, a small village beside the Storfjord. Look at the picture on this page from Dyrkorn. We will drive up the valley of Dyrkorn, return to the main road and drive through Stordal, up to Overøye a beautifull skiing resort where many people have chalets. There will be several stops on the way. And we will drive up to Fjellstova in Ålesund on our return.

The Runde tour

Start in Ålesund then we take the ferry over to Hareid, drive to Ulsteinvik and just before Fosnavåg we take the road to Runde. Runde is well known for its bird life. Sevral species build their nests there including Lundefugl or the Atlantic Puffin. We will drive around the island and then return to Ålesund.

Tour to Loen Skylift.

From Ålesund whit the ferry to Festøy, then drive to Volda. Then the well known Kvivsvegen and the tunnel to Horningdal, and so to Loen. Where we can take the fantastic Skylift up the mountain. The price of the Skylift is ca 370.–kr Each. And its not included in the tour, So each person must pay for the Skylift. We return the same way to Ålesund.

The Hjørundfjord tour

From Ålesund to the ferry to Festøy. We drive to Volda and take the Kvivsvegen or the Kvivsroad to Horningdal. From Horningdal and the dramatic Norangsdal to Øye. Stop at the hotel Union Øye. Then a ferry crossing to Sæbø and from there to Ørsta . We drive to Festøy and take the ferry from there, back to Ålesund.

The Briksdal Glacier Tour.

Leave Ålesund and take the ferry to Festøy. Then we drive to Volda and the Kvivsroad, to Horningdal , and to Olden. We drive towards the Briksdal Glacier, but for the last pice of this tour we have to take a Trollcar. This is a special car taking the tourists the last kilometers to the glacier. This Trollcar tour is not included in the price .