Explore the beautiful Geiranger

Stranda has for many years and still is today a very famous alpine center
where alpine skiers from all over the country ski. The skiing conditions on
Strandafjellet are often perfect in winter and the gondola up to the
mountain Roalden is open all year round. It`s recommended to take a trip to the top here and just enjoy the incredible view over the mountains and into the Fjords.


Outside the ski season it is open to tourists. The village
Stranda is in many ways a village center in the fjord and people on Stranda have been good at creating Industry in their village. Before, it was the furniture industry that dominated, now the village has switched more to pizza and cooking products. The Stranda is a very nice village and there are hotels in the center of the village. On the way up through Strandadalen on the way to Hellesylt you will find Ljøen. Here, tourists can stop to just enjoy the beautiful view towards the world heritage fjords Geirangerfjord and Synnylvsfjord. Here, a company in Ålesund has planned a High End hotel in style for the future. Will present this in more detail when everything is ready. Hellesylt is another incredibly beautiful settlement on Sunnmøre.


The ferry from Geiranger enters the Geirangerfjord which ends at Hellesylt. Hellesylt is a village with incredible nature opportunities and a tour of the village with a luxury car is really recommended for tourists. Hellesylt is a village with many valleys and side roads we can drive the tourists on. At Hellesylt you will also find hotels and besides that, the livelihood is industry and agriculture. On Hellesylt, the fjords Geirangerfjord and Synnylvsfjord meet, both of which are on Unesco’s protection list. On the
other side of Stordfjorden for Stranda you will find Liabygda a small but incredibly beautiful place with lots of beautiful nature and many hours of
sunshine a year. Liabygda is located in the middle of the inlet to the
fjords Synnylvsfjorden and Geirangerfjorden.


Everywhere in Liabygda you see
the enormous nature we have here in our fjords. Liabygda is so high and free to airy over the Stordfjord. We have a major investment underway in tourism in the village. We are working on a high end hotel and luxury cabins in connection with a tourist center in the middle of Liabygda. Here with an incredible view of the World Heritage Fjord. (See our section “Projects” to see the new things happening in Liabygda). The village Geiranger also belongs to Stranda Municipality, but here you have your own presentation on this page.