The Rauma region

Explore the beautiful area of Rauma

The main center in Rauma is the town of Åndalsnes and here we find the railway station for Møre og Romsdal County. Rumabanen is a very attractive railroad journey where tourists can take the train to Dombås and back. We
can pick you up as tourists from Oslo – Åndalsnes by train every day all year round and drive you to your destination in a luxury car with a guiding driver in English. And of course back to the train station again. The gondola lift at Åndalsnes will be the new attraction and my company plans to take tourists to this course all year round from our entire district. A luxury car trip to Rauma and Åndalsnes has really been a trip this summer over Trollstigen as the other way around in the winter. We set up trips on demand from the inner fjords to Rauma all year round.


Norway’s by far the most beautiful excursion trip goes through Rauma because this region has so much to offer visitors. Here, customers can get more information by contacting us. The Rauma region has become the fastest growing travel destination in our district and the tourists have really opened their eyes
to this beautiful and exciting area.


In Åndalsnes and Isfjorden we find several hotels we work with and can convey to you as tourists who choose Rauma as a Destination. One of the county’s most exciting excursion trips is to Eikesdal. Romsdal’s gem when it comes to nature. We can run trips from deep in the fjords to Eresfjord and Eikesdal on request. Then we drive through Rauma to get into Nesset Municipality and this beautiful experience. From Rauma you can rent your own Limousine / Luxury car for the whole
district around us. Contact my travel agency and we will be on our way