The Fjord region

Explore the Fjord region

The most beautiful municipality in Norway today is Fjord between Ålesund and Geiranger. Here you`ll find 7 small villages that are all so different from each other but so incredibly beautiful.

If I were given the task of showing off all the beautiful natural sites from a Limousine, I would need around 5 days only inside the municipal border in Fjord. Few of the tourists who drive past Fjord are unaware of the beauty you`ll find when it comes to nature within the municipality’s boundaries. And you tourists who discover this come back to us year after year.

Tom Cruise lived here for 2 months in a house in Valldal in the fall of 2020. Heard his private Helicopter fly right over my roof in Eidsdal at 8:15 in the morning. Then he was going to work on the film set. He’s coming back to us / Be sure. Fjord is truly the place for Hollywood stars and artists as well as for famous people who want to be at peace on their vacation.

We have such huge recreation areas where these can use. Besides, people into the fjords here are used to VIP people and otherwise care very little if someone shows up in the villages. Fjord is
also the outdoor municipality no. 1 in Norway. No one has as many great outdoor trips as here. Just think of the famous Tafjordfjella which ends in the fantastic village Tafjord. In Tafjord you`ll find the most special in Fjord Municipality namely “A hidden World Heritage Fjord” which almost all the inhabitants of Fjord didn`t know before the i told this on the film “Hallgeir and the Limousine” (See the film under the Media section on this web page). There you can all see the magnificent and totally untouched nature you find in Fjord Municipality. Fjord municipality is located in the middle of my destinations and can set up adventure trips to all the villages within our areas. Collaborating with 4 hotels and a motel in Fjord on the north side of Norddalsfjorden, you will find Blåtind as a luxurious hotel in Stordal. And in Valldal is one of the newest hotels in our county Valldal Fjordhotell. On the south side of Norddalsfjorden you will find Petrines Gjestgiveri. A incredibly beautiful hotel in old style. In the same village Norddal you will find Nordalstunet an apartment hotel by the Fjord in the village. And on the same side of the fjord you will find Solfjord Motel with all your natural opportunities just around the motel.


Here it is only to choose what best suits your family however their expectations. All these hotels receive dinner guests who we bring from outside to Fjord to experience this beautiful nature. With my luxury cars, I will post food stops for my customers here. Tafjord has 2 restaurants where you can serve dinner to customers. Will plan trips from all our destinations so tourists can see “Norway’s most beautiful Municipality: Fjord”. Just contact us and we will create your holiday and experiences for you. See our Video and picture presentation of all 7 settlements in Fjord.