The Ålesund region

Explore one of the most beautiful towns in Norway

Ålesund has become a large tourist city in Norway. It took a while in the 80’s where the focus only was the Fjord areas in the Sunnmører region. But then the tourists really got their eyes open for the Jogenstil city of Ålesund. And the city has been considered the most beautiful in Norway. Walking around the harbor in Ålesund feel the smell of salty sea and see the fishing boats that sell their freshly caught catch to the town people and visitors. Ålesund is a large fishing and shipping town in Norway and a large number of inhabitants take their income from the sea out there. The sea areas outside our beautiful coastline have provided a livelihood for the city for many number of years.

You can use Ålesund as a base and stay in a hotel there. Storfjord Hotell on Glomset just outside the city is a High End Hotel. There you can take a one day experience a trip with our cars to the farthest part of the ocean and see how people out there live with the ocean as their nearest neighbor. The next day we`ll drive the opposite direction and take the tourists on a full day trip. And on a nice sunny day, this full-day trip in a luxury car with full guidance from the driver is probably Norway’s most beautiful excursion trip. Where we take the tourists from the outer sea and to the innermost part of a fjord and to the end of the valley in this fjord. An incredible experience and being able to see the break between coast and inland and this in 2 days. See again my 14 trips I have posted via our online catalog under “Tours” on this page you will surely find a trip that suitits you and your family. If there are requests for trips to other places, get in touch and we`ll create new trips for you as needed. Or you can choose a High End Hotel in the fjords and take a day trip to the city by the sea. We will arrange for you and set up the tour plan that suits you and your family.

Alesund, Norway. Aerial view of Alesund, Norway at sunrise. Colorful sky over famous tourisitc destination with sunlight and mountains

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