Limousine transport

Explore the beautiful Geiranger in a limousine

Hallgeir and the Limousine” has become a term in the Nordic region after 2015 when Norways main television channel Nrk made a 40-minute program about the Limousine in our world heritage area. This film has now been shown on TV in all Nordic countries except Iceland sevral times. And people have pressed the program to their chest. Actually, it is not a transport company we run but an entertainment scheme for tourists.


Press the link and see the program: The program is in Norwegian but look at
the beautiful area.


As a German Tourist once said: Hallgeir, there are 3 dimensions to your work:

  1. The Exclusive car we are transported around in and in an incredibly
    comfortable way.
  2. When you open the doors of the luxury car, you have the world’s most
    beautiful nature to experience.
  3. But the last is the biggest dimension there is. What is told in the car
    by the driver. On all the trips we drive we have guiding where we stop in
    English. And if there`s 1 in 7 who can speak English, we place that person
    in the front seat and they tell the others in the back of the car in their

We also take tourists to the most incredible places. Up in the mountains there are “Summer farms” and of course we go there. On narrow gravel roads and where it`s almost impossible to turn a Limousine. This is ours and your Kingdom. You just sit floating on air suspention which all our cars are equipped with.


All my drivers must go through a pinhole and a through training before you can get behind the wheel.


The customer care I have learned from Bruce Springsteen who`s the best in the world at this. Trying to set up the tours as a concert with Springsteen and do the same things as him to make people happy. I now have 28 hours in the concert hall with this man. And now all my
drivers have learned the same / To act like a entertainer.


Our goal is to have a world-class Luxury / Limousine service where every
day is a party for the tourists.


Our slogan is “Quality of Transportation”. Try an adventure trip in one of our exclusive cars and you will get the answer you are looking for. Namely that the driver really cares about your family and you and operates as a bodyguard and makes sure that you have as good a ride as possible. And that you get the information along the way you want and not least be able to anwser your questions you as a customer are wondering.


The key word is: Try a Limousine / Luxury car from Limousinewest Do the same as the celebritys in this world use one of our cars as a top experience on your holiday here with us. By the way we run on really reasonable prices compared with the other transporters in Norway. And if you live in a hotel in the region and
wants a trip. My price is for the car and two and more families can share a luxury car. Just take contact with the Reception on the hotel or with us in the limousine section. Next day you`r on tour.


We also drive pick up and bringing to the Airport to the right hotel all
with full service. We also make this tours as a interesting experience with
guiding on the way.

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