Explore the beautiful town of Stranda

Stranda community is best known for having Geiranger within it`s borders.
(Geiranger are presented in it`s own presentation) That`s why we`r now going
to the rest of the municipality. Here you`ll find two world heritage
settlements with two incredible world heritage fjords: Geirangerfjorden and
Synnylvsfjorden. The Geirangerfjord stretches from the depths of Geiranger
to midway towards land in the beautiful village of Hellesylt. From Hellesylt
and out to the Stranda Community Center you will find the Synnylvsfjord.
Many tourists think that all this is the Geirangerfjord which. Thus, the
villages Geiranger and Hellesylt are World Heritage Sites. Then you have the
municipal center Stranda which is also an exciting industrial village with
the incredibly beautiful alpine opportunities on Strandafjellet.
  There`s a gondola lift up to the mountain Roalden, such an enormously
spectacular vantage point. For people who are interested in Alpine sports,
Stranda is paradise.
 Liabygda just across the fjord by ferry from Stranda is a nice little
village. This beautiful village has been forgotten in the tourist context
for many years.

Now it’s happening there. Together with an investor, we are developing a new
hotel and luxury cabin project. There we`ll be offering 24 hour Limousine
service from the main season from May – October when we have bright evenings
and in the middle of summer bright days in Norway. It`s so quiet and calm in
the evening and even better to take an excursion in a great limousine to
stop somewhere to bounce champagne and enjoy the beautiful nordic summer
with bright nights.
In Stranda community there`s 4500 inhabitats in all villages togheter.
The villages are Stranda , Hellesylt, Geiranger and Liabygda.

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