The Nordfjord region

Explore the beautiful Nordfjord

Nordfjord is just a gem when it comes to nature. The nature in Nordfjord is different from anything in the world. Here you have beautiful fjords in combination with beautiful lakes and glaciers.


There are 2 glaciers we can drive tourists to 1. Kjenndals-glacier in the beautiful Lodalen. And Norway’s perhaps most famous Glacier 2.Briksdalsbreen deep in Olden.


In Loen close to Stryn we also have the Skylift, a gondola lift that goes up a beautiful mountain where my customers find a restaurant.

Stryn and Stryn-lake is an incredibly exciting nature experience. Then you have Strynefjellet with the old Stryne-road where you`ll find the Summer Ski Center in Stryn where you can run Alpine experiences until around 1 July. It`s an incredible experience to experience the old Strynefjellsveien in an luxury car. It feels like the world has stood still on this old road that has become an attraction.



We drive day trips from Ålesund and Fjord / Stranda and surroundings to Nordfjord, the experiences are in line. Just get in touch and we`ll create the experiences. The trip here can be taken with a guided Limousine tour.

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