Explore the beautiful Hjørundfjord

Hjørundfjorden is a side fjord of Storfjorden and is one of the country’s most beautiful fjord arms. Sæbø is the center of the fjord and otherwise we find village groups such as Standal / Skår / Trandal / Urke / Øye / Viddal with Bjørke at the bottom of the fjord. The fjord has easy access from Hovden Airport in Ørsta where you find a small airport. My Limousines / Luxury cars can meet the tourists at the Airport in Ørstan and drive the tourists around this beautiful fjord. Or we can take day excursions from the surrounding areas as well as Ålesund.

There`s also hotels at Øye and Sæbø for tourists so we can find
opportunities to stay in this beautiful part of Norway. At the end of the fourth arm that goes to Øye, you`ll find the spectacular Nordangsdalen that goes over to Hellesylt. There you`ll drive in some of the most special and narrow valleys in Norway. Just the car ride here is a great experience for people who are not on a daily basis to such spectacular places. We`ll set up trips all year round from other nearby destinations so that more of our visiting guests can experience the incredibly beautiful Hjørundfjord. In the summer, there`s also a boat from Ålesund to Øye as well as the famous Hurtigruten ASA that goes to Øye every day in the spring and autumn. You can also take a fjord safari ferry trip that tours you around the different places inside the fjord arms. You have to calculate a good amount of time for such a trip, but you you won`t regret seeing the beautyful Hjørundfjord.