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 If you`r in this area on holiday, you and your family must take a trip to Geiranger. We have cars from all over the district that can take you on an adventure trip to the beautiful Geiranger village where the Geirangerfjord ends. Geiranger is one of Norway’s most special tourist destinations and one of the most famous. What`s most spectacular in Geiranger is when the small village deep in the fjord changes season. Where all four seasons are an
uniqe exsperience.


Geiranger has a lot to offer in the form of shops and great Fjord experiences. It`s fascinating to see the village on “Off Season” when you feel that you and your family have the village to yourselves. This time many shops and restaurants are closed in Geiranger but there are always something to see and experience in the Tourist Village even out of season. 

Our main hotell in Geiranger is Grande, the first activity hotel within the district, where tourists are offered daily experiences. The hotell also has the best customer service, combined with serving the best food experience.

The trip on the Geirangerfjord with the boat Geirangerfjord is also perhaps “The World’s Finest Boat Trip”. For our customers from October to April, we will set up a Katemaran boat as a sightseeing boat that starts in Geiranger in the morning at 10:00 and goes to Tafjord . About 2.5 hour boat trip. Here tourists will see three world heritage fjords: Geirangerfjord, Sunnylvsfjorden and Tafjorden as well as the Norddalsfjord which is not under Unsco’s protection, but a beautiful fjord. Imagine being able to see our World Heritage fjords in Winter Costume, it`s a new dimension. This migth be the most spectacular boat trip in the world so just sign up. Here we will try to facilitate if you live in ex, Ålesund you can sign up for a trip through 3 World Heritage fjords, just contact us in advance and we`ll arrange it all.

Remember the Geirangerfjord is the world’s most beautiful fjord in the opinion of tourists. See also our tour catalog for Geiranger under “Tours” on this website. There are the 10 main trips we have planned, but we also create other trips at the request of customers.

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