The Fjord Community

Explore the beautiful community of Fjord

Fjord is the most spectacular travel destination in Norway. Within the
community of Fjord you`ll find 4 World Heritage settlements on both sides of
the Fjord inwards.


 In Fjord Municipality you`ll find something as exciting as “A hidden World
Heritage Fjord into Tafjord”. Otherwise, the nature is so spectacular and
exciting in Fjord. For those who want to experience the unknown and live in
peace and harmony with the surrounding nature, this is the Destination. With
only about 370 inhabitants on average in the 7 settlements where all these
settlements are equally spectacular. The settlements here are Eidsdal /
Norddal / Tafjord / Fjørå / Valldal / Stordal and Dyrkorn. There is a very
good description of each of these 7 settlements in the Picture section as
well as video descriptions of the settlements and the area.


Fjord Municipality has 2600 inhabitants and is the travel destination of
the future as well as the most beautiful municipality in Norway. My
Limousine seal cap can take you on some incredibly beautiful excursion trips
to all 7 villages in the Fjord, but then the week needs us for this. As well
as pick-up and drop-off from the airports. Fjord is about to become the High
End municipality in Norway and there are a number of plans to expand the
High End offer in most of the settlements.

See Fjord Municipality from one of our beautiful luxury cars and with live
guidance from the driver, he will drive you to Norway’s most exciting places
that have not yet been discovered.
 In the winter, Fjord Municipality becomes our main area where we take

Fjord Municipality is also the most beautiful outdoor municipality in
Norway. Nowhere can you find such beautiful excursion trips to get close to


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