Explore the most beautiful town in Norway!

Ålesund is considered as one of Norway’s most beautiful cities.
The city itself has 40,000 inhabitants and is especially in the summer a
tourist town.

 Fishing and shipping is the majority of  industry in the city where much of
Norwegian seafood is distributed throughout the world. Ålesund is the No. 1
stockfish town in Norway where Bacalao is sent to large parts of the world.
It`s also known for cod fishing every year in the Borgunfjord near the city.
As a tourist town, Ålesund has great things to offer. Moa shopping center is
one of Norway’s largest shopping centers.  We can combine a trip for
tourists with the beautiful Atlantic Park which is an incredibly beautiful
aquarium. Sunnmøre museum is defently something to see in the city as well
as the view down to the city from Fjellstuen over the city (See the picture
showing Ålesund taken at Fjellstuen).

 Our country has a beautiful coastline and some of the most spectaculere
here is the Alnes Lighthouse outside Ålesund on Island Godøy.
For people who live in the fjords on holiday, we recommend an experience
where tourists can see the great sea rolling it`s stretchers main-land.
Imagine a trip in the heart of a valley in the fjords one day  and the next
day experience the forces of the waves and the ocean.

 At Alnes there`s a small restaurant in connection with the lighthouse. We
arrange Limousine tours from Fjord Hotels and out to Ålesund and to the
ocean out there. Also from the city of Ålesund and around town combined with
the Coastal experience. Just then make some spectacular trips from Ålesund
for those located in the city. And to the innermost part of the fjord
settlements inside the Fjord Storfjord. Tourists who arrive in Ålesund can
also take the Catamaran boat straight to Geiranger and can be picked up
there and transported in a great Luxury Car back to the Hotel. Here we have
perhaps Norway’s best adventure tour to offer.

We also have a pick-up service at the airport in Ålesund, it`s located at
the island of Vigra outside the city.

 We can on the way to the hotel take a trip to see all the beautiful Ålesund
and surroundings has to offer for it`s tourists. Ålesund is built up and is
known as the Art Nouveau city number one in Norway . Look under the section
Tours on this website and you will find 14 so beautiful tours you can
experience from Ålesund . The tours are all guided by the driver of the

Our most popular tours