About High End Norway

High End Norway. Is a travel agency located in the middle of the core area of ​​the World Heritage we received from Unesco in 2005.

The head office is beautifully located between Geiranger and Fjord Municipality. Our office is located in Eidsdal 25 km from Geiranger where we are currently
building a center for booking and tourism in the inner fjord area of ​​our

Started planning the company in 2009 and has personally put in about 12,000
working hours to make your holiday here a highlight of your life. We were finished and certified in 2018. High End Norway is one of Norway’s
new but most well-thought-out travel concepts.

No one in Norway has so much beautiful to untouched nature to be able to give our customers. We simply sell: “The world’s most beautiful travel destination”.
We have included the Destinations around us here on all sides to be able to vouch for this claim.


I would like you all to study my website and choose based on your photos and
videos we have posted. For those who would like to arrive in our district but are looking for a cheap alternative, we have it too. The company Norwegian Fjord Travel is a subsidiary of High End Norway and here customers can find accommodation in a cabin instead of a hotel. But the service and options here are then a little less. But still pick up/drop off at the airport.

If you are considering a holiday stay in our district, just contact us or Book online. We will as far as possible put together a holiday for you and your family according to their wishes and needs. And we go to great lengths when it comes to satisfied customers and top quality.  Our hotels that we use are “Activity” hotels where you as customers can get experiences in Norway’s highest level of customer care.

Our goal is to build that trust in you as a customer and where all levels do their best so that in the future we can become a permanent holiday destination for you and your family and friends.


Our service is on the personal level where we pick you up from to the airport in Luxus and our hope is that you as humans can integrate with the villagers here into the Fjords.


This the week or more you set aside to experience this paradise on earth. Remember we have Untouched Nature – Clean Air – Clean drinking water from the source – Great Nature Experiences – No serious crime where you go out 100% safe. As well as incredibly beautiful excursion trips by Limousine or Luxury car.


Our area is so incredibly beautiful all year round and we follow up with strong experiences. The most beautiful time in here is when the seasons change. (See our photos and videos.) Get in touch and take the trip to us, we are here all year to wait for you and your family.


Leader of High End Norway

Hallgeir Greger.

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